The small size is definitely a torturing issue. I am sure there are more instructions like taking the mold and adding the rubber solution so it can actually make the clone, but I never got to that part. Christmas is coming, and there's no better way to stuff the stocking of that special someone.3DEA, a pop-up 3D printing store in New York City, is offering customized dildos formed from laser scans — and 3D print-outs — of customers' penises.

After carefully mixing the silicone for one minute, then adding the hardener and stirring for another 2 minutes, it was time to pour. Luckily, the toy's designer took extra volume into consideration when packaging the 8-ounce bag of molding material, so chances are you won't need anything more than what's already included in the kit.

While taking this product, which I only do when I'm anticipating a sexual encounter, I achieve harder, longer lasting erections. Unless you're doing a surprise gift for your lover, it's best to have someone help you during the prepping and molding stages of the homemade dildo procedure.

In the instructions it says to start the timer before pouring the clone a willy water onto the powder, and then to mix the water with a wooden spoon like crazy until it started to look like pancake mix; it really does thicken up quickly so it is important to work as quickly as possible.

After searching the internet I eventually found Clone-A-Willy Kit, by Empire Labs. The simplicity of the kit enables you to create your own clone in a few easy steps with perfect results every time. Both water-based and silicone lubes are recommended because they're safe to use with toys made from rubber.

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